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Job Type

Fashion & Lifestyle - Fulltime

Location / Address

Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

About the Role

Asort are seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented Video Editor. The High-End Video Editor will be responsible for crafting compelling visual stories through the seamless editing of video content. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in video production, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for creating visually impactful narratives.

• Industry - Fashion/Lifestyle/Clothing Only, 6 Days a Week.
• Notice Period - Immediate
• Work Location: Udyog Vihar Phase 4, Gurgaon, HR
• Minimum 3 Years Experience
• Mandatory Skills: High End Video Editing Skills – Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve
• Salary (PA CTC) – 10-11L PA
• Portfolio & Sample Links Mandatory with Profile/CV



Key Responsibilities: 

1. Video Editing:

· Edit and assemble raw footage into polished, high-quality videos for various platforms, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing final product.

· Implement creative and innovative editing techniques to enhance storytelling and engage the audience.

2. Collaboration

· Work closely with the creative team, including producers, directors, and other editors, to understand project goals and objectives.

· Participate in brainstorming sessions to contribute ideas and provide input on the creative direction of projects.

3. Technical Proficiency:

· Demonstrate proficiency in using industry-standard video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve).

· Stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies in video editing and incorporate new techniques into projects.

4. Quality Control:

· Ensure the technical quality of edited videos, including color correction, audio synchronization, and overall visual consistency.

· Review and implement feedback from stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome.

5. Project Management:

· Manage multiple projects simultaneously, adhering to deadlines and delivering high-quality work within established timelines.

· Organize and maintain a well-structured and efficient file management system.

6. AI Integration:

· Proficiency in leveraging artificial intelligence tools for video editing, enhancing efficiency, and exploring innovative creative possibilities.

· Stay abreast of AI advancements relevant to video editing, incorporating machine learning algorithms and automated processes to streamline workflows.

· Demonstrate the ability to use AI-driven features, such as automated scene recognition, content analysis, and other AI-based enhancements, to elevate the quality and impact of video content.

· Collaborate effectively with the technology team to integrate AI solutions seamlessly into the video editing process.

· Showcase a proactive approach to adopting AI technologies for continuous improvement in video editing techniques.


·         Proven experience as a Video Editor with a portfolio showcasing high-end video editing skills.

·         In-depth knowledge of video editing software and techniques.

·         Strong understanding of storytelling, pacing, and visual aesthetics.

·         Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

·         Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to evolving project requirements.

·         Bachelor's degree in Film, Video Production, or related field (preferred).

·         Strong portfolio demonstrating proficiency in video editing.

·         Knowledge of motion graphics and visual effects is a plus.

·         Flexibility to work irregular hours when project demands require.



Two Virtual/Online/TelephonicFinal – Face to Face


Salary – 10-11 Lakhs PA

About the Company

ASORT is a digital ecosystem to accelerate and enable Co-Commerce. It is the evolution of E-Commerce. It connects businesses that have great products and services, with communities that are relevant to them ensuring larger reach to the right target audience. It is about getting the communities of sellers, makers and influencers together to encourage community building and community nourishment by creating an economically sustainable ecosystem for everyone to thrive and grow together.

Asort is proudly built in India with an aim of making today’s “Bharat” a little more “aatm-nirbhar” by creating opportunities for the youth and making them economically & financially independent.

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