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Job Type

Fashion & Lifestyle - Fulltime

Location / Address

Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

About the Role

Asort are seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented individual to join our Retail and Planning Department as a Specialist. In this role, you will be responsible for managing buying plans, conducting product analysis, determining pricing strategies, forecasting sales, and ensuring accurate data inputs. Additionally, you will oversee merchandising activities, including purchase order management, article creation, vendor analysis, and invoice reconciliation. You will also be involved in maintaining the hygiene of our website and managing product catalogue uploads and image editing.
• Industry - Fashion/Lifestyle/Clothing Only
• Notice Period - Immediate to 30 days
• Work Location: Sector 44, Gurgaon
• Minimum 4+ Years Experience


Key Responsibilities and Key Result Areas (KRAs): 


  • Develop and implement buying plans in line with company objectives and market trends. 

  • Conduct product analysis to identify customer preferences, demand patterns, and market opportunities. 

  • Determine pricing strategies based on cost of goods sold (COGS) and market research. 

  • Forecast sales and monitor sales trends to optimize inventory levels. 

  • Calculate gross margins and analyse product profitability. 


  • Manage purchase orders (POs), ensuring timely placement and accuracy.

  • Create articles and maintain accurate product information in the system. 

  • Coordinate barcode printing for efficient inventory management. 

  • Conduct price and vendor analysis to negotiate favourable terms. 

  • Process invoices and reconcile vendor ledgers. 

  • Provide commission advice and generate MIS reports to track performance. 

Data Inputs: 

  • Upload POs and reconcile goods received notes (GRNs).

  • Manage repeat and replenishment orders to maintain stock levels. 

  • Generate and analyse MIS reports related to inventory and sales data. 

Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting: 

  • Dashboard publishing for stakeholders. 

  • Creates and maintains databases, spreadsheets, and other tools to track important metrics and KPIs.

  • To support decision-making and offer insights by collecting, cleaning and analysing large datasets.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 

  • Accuracy and timeliness of buying plans and product analysis. 

  • Effectiveness of pricing strategies and COGS management. 

  • Accuracy of sales forecasting and trend analysis. 

  • Gross margin calculation and improvement. 

  • Timeliness and accuracy of POs, article creation, and barcode printing. 

  • Efficiency in invoice processing and vendor ledger reconciliation. 

  • Effectiveness of commission advice and generation of MIS reports. 

  • Timeliness and accuracy of data inputs, including PO uploading and GRN reconciliation. 

  • Efficiency in repeat and replenishment order management. 

  • Accuracy and availability of MIS reports. 

  • Accuracy in category mapping and catalogue uploads. 

  • Quality of image editing for product images.


·         Bachelor's degree in business administration, retail management, or a related field (Master's degree preferred).

·         Proven experience in retail planning, merchandising, or related areas. 

·         Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and conduct trend analysis. 

·         Proficiency in using retail planning software, inventory management systems, and Microsoft Excel. 

·         Detail-oriented with strong organizational and time management skills.

·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Familiarity with e-commerce platforms and website management. 

·         Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team environment. 

Strong problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach.

About the Company

ASORT is a digital ecosystem to accelerate and enable Co-Commerce. It is the evolution of E-Commerce. It connects businesses that have great products and services, with communities that are relevant to them ensuring larger reach to the right target audience. It is about getting the communities of sellers, makers and influencers together to encourage community building and community nourishment by creating an economically sustainable ecosystem for everyone to thrive and grow together.

Asort is proudly built in India with an aim of making today’s “Bharat” a little more “aatm-nirbhar” by creating opportunities for the youth and making them economically & financially independent.

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